Automatically save passwords in Chrome or disable saving

The Google Chrome browser also supports saving passwords if you log in to the same website again and again. Then it is a good tool because you do not have to remember all passwords . Because for security reasons it is absolutely advisable to use a separate password for each website .

Here you quickly reach your limits and want a function to save these passwords . However, there are also many security experts who were before such password storage and recommend that you deactivate this automatic password storage.

Both options can be set up very quickly and easily. To do this, simply open the Chrome browser and enter the following command in the URL line .

chrome: // settings / passwords

This then looks like this in the Google browser ( here in dark mode ).

Offer to save passwords

As you can see, I have the desired function right at the top.

Offer to save passwords

This function is activated by default, i.e. the slide switch in the rightmost position. By clicking on the left position you can deactivate the saving of the passwords .

Another function is that

Log in automatically

You will then be automatically logged on to websites using the saved login data if a corresponding login password is stored for this website . If you deactivate this function, you will be asked for confirmation each time you log on to a website.

Below you can see an overview of the previously saved Chrome passwords . By clicking on the ” eye ” you can display the stored password . However, only after entering the corresponding access data .

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