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Google ranking

Again and again we get the question why is so successful. We will surpass the 3 million visitors this year and ultimately all of this is based on the good rankings on Google. Our website has numerous top 1 rankings on Google and, according to Sistrix, has a total of over 80,000 keywords in the index.

In order to give you a little insight into our way of working and search engine optimization, we have put together the following information for you.

Timeliness of the information

First of all, it is absolutely important that you keep your website updated with the latest information. A “dead” website that is not provided with new information or content will not be ranked first on Google in the ranking.

For this reason, continuity in the publication of new content on the website is an absolute must. We at try to publish new articles every day. We manage this with our small team relatively well, even if it consumes a lot of our free time. If you are interested in working with, please send us an email to ” [email protected] ” and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Specialization in certain subject areas

It is also particularly important that a website deals with a specific topic. As the name of the website already says, we take care of the topic ” Microsoft Windows “. This also includes the subjects of operating systems, software, application programs, but also hardware subjects such as notebooks, tablets or printers.

This bundling of information on a specific topic generates more relevant keywords that help you in the Google ranking. For example, the more contributions we make to Microsoft Office online, the better the ranking of the relevant subpages will be.

Internal and external links

When linking the websites, there are also a few things to be aware of. We have found that with numerous internal links to other pages on the same topic of our Windows blog, we achieve better results. On the one hand, visitors visit the linked pages more often and therefore spend more time on our Windows blog. On the other hand, the internal links also increase the ranking in the Google search index and thus have two positive effects.

External links are of course even more valuable, especially if they come from a topic-related page, ie the website that links to your website deals with the same topic or with the same keywords. This type of links is particularly valued by Google.

Links from non-thematic websites also help to improve Google ranking. Many also use the setting of backlinks in corresponding blog comments. However, we cannot necessarily advise this, because we have so far been unsuccessful.

You can see how many internal and external links you currently have in the index from other websites in the free Google Webmaster Tools. This tool is a must for every website operator and brings you lots of valuable information about your website.

Professional SEO companies

If you follow the advice above, these activities will certainly have a positive effect on your Google ranking. However, it is often advisable to get professional help from optimizing the website and, by combining several measures, to achieve one or more rankings on Google.

Often it is not just a matter of content to improve the ranking. Professional internet or marketing agencies can also help you in the areas of web design, CMS optimization (e.g. WordPress), link building and content creation to continue working on the optimization of your website in order to achieve the number 1 goal on Google .


It is certainly not easy to achieve one or more top positions on Google. With the necessary perseverance, the necessary know-how and possibly also professional help, you should succeed. If you have any questions, please leave a comment at the end of this article.