Activation of Windows error code 0xc004e003

When activating Windows , there can be a wide variety of error messages and error codes , as we have already reported about it several times. Today we want you from the Windows activation terror


report that occurs again and again for inexplicable reasons.

Activation of Windows 0xc004e003

As a rule, something is wrong with the Windows license key used . So you should first check again whether the entered Windows license key is correct or re-enter it. You can do this easily by calling the following command in a command prompt.


Below you can see the result. Windows (in this case Windows 10) prompts you to enter the Windows product key again . This is a 25-digit key that is divided into 5 groups of five, separated by a hyphen. You can find this suitable Windows Key either on your hardware or on the purchased Windows license.

slui 3

If the activation via the precisely entered Windows key does not work, the problem could be that this Windows key has already been activated several times and Microsoft therefore refuses to reactivate it. You can only clarify this by calling the Microsoft activation hotline.

You can call up the corresponding phone numbers and the Windows dialog window for entering the Windows activation by entering the following command again in an MS-DOS prompt.


Then you will see the following input window

Windows activation SLUI 4

The following information is displayed.

Call and provide installation ID

Call one of the following numbers. The automatic telephone system asks you for your installation ID (IID). In some countries or regions, local network operators may charge fees for toll-free numbers.

Then carry out the Windows activation . If this does not work with the Microsoft Activation automatic telephone system, you will be connected to a Microsoft Activation Supportler who can solve the problems with you. So far we have only had the best experience with telephone activation.

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