0x800f0805 error code when installing .Net Framework or other Windows features

We have already reported on problems when installing the .Net Framework . Today we would like to show you how you do that

Error code 0x800f0805

eliminate that can often occur when installing the .Net Framework or other Windows features (optional features) . We have shown you the error message 0x800f0805 below.


The exact  0x800f0805 error message is:

Windows Features
The requested changes could not be completed. The files required to complete the requested changes were not found.
Error code: 0x800f0805

You can fix this problem by doing one of the 2 ways.

Configure GPO for Error 0x800f0805:

This installation error often occurs in a network with WSUS installed. For this reason, Microsoft has the Group Policy

Specify settings for installing optional components and repairing components

introduced. By activating this GPO, optional Windows components are downloaded and installed directly from the Windows Update servers. If you need further information about this GPO, you can read all of this in our article ” Download optional Windows components or apps from WSUS instead of Windows Update “.

0x800f0805 Eliminate errors with DISM

The second option is to install the missing Windows components directly using the DISM command . In the event of error message  0x800f0805 when installing the .Net Framework 3.5, the appropriate DISM command is as follows.

Dism / online / enable-feature / featurename: NetFx3 All / Source: drive letter] sources sxs / LimitAccess

It is important that there is a Windows installation medium in the drive that you specify, because the DISM command searches for the missing installation files in the Sources SXS directory and then uses them to install the missing Windows features.

Furthermore, you have to make sure that the command is executed in a command prompt that has administrator rights . If you do this, the error code 0x800f0805 should no longer occur.

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