Windows Update error code 0x8024a206

The Windows Update error code 0x8024a206 usually occurs quite suddenly and prevents the Windows user from installing the latest Windows updates. Below we have shown you the original error message from error code 0x8024a206 when we wanted to install the last cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1803.


We can show you the following solutions to get the error code 0x8024a206 under control.

Windows resource check

First, you should do a Windows resource check . Microsoft has developed its own tool for this, which is part of the standard scope of every Windows installation. The tool is called “SFC” and it checks the integrity of all protected Windows system files and replaces incorrect versions with the correct ones.

To do this, open a command prompt as administrator and execute the following command.


Then the system search is started and the Windows installation is checked for errors. If errors are found, they are automatically corrected. Afterwards a Windows restart is advisable, after that you should try again whether the update error 0x8024a206 continues to occur.

Delete Windows Update download folder

A second option is to empty or delete the Windows folder in which the download files for the Windows updates are stored. Because this folder

C: Windows SoftwareDistribution Download

due to started services, you can’t delete the contents of this folder. For this reason, you must first stop the following 2 Windows services using Windows Services Management (Services.msc).

  • Intelligent background transmission service
  • Windows update

Stop intelligent background broadcast service

Only after these two services have been stopped can you delete the contents of the folder via Windows Explorer.

Delete SoftwareDistribution Download folder

Then it is necessary to restart the two stopped services or to restart Windows. Then you can test whether the error 0x8024a206 continues to occur when installing the Windows updates.

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