Windows Update Code 80244010

The Windows update error code 80244010 is quite tricky. It occurs very often in connection with a WSUS server (Windows Server Update Services), but can also occur when searching online for Windows updates . We have shown you below an image of an original error message from a Windows Server 2012 R2 , whereby the error code 80244010 occurred when searching online for Windows updates.

Windows Update Code 80244010

Correct error code 80244010 in connection with a WSUS

Actually, the solution here seems to be relatively simple, even if it doesn’t really make sense. But we tested it ourselves and it works. First of all you just have to on the affected system


and then restart the Windows computer. This will update the applicable group policies again. After restarting the Windows system, error 80244010 should no longer occur. If the problem still persists, you can also try the following solution.

Eliminate code 80244010 from the update online search

If the error occurs when searching online for Windows updates, the Windows Update Catalog is defective and must be rebuilt. This can be done without any problems, since this folder is automatically created again in the event of “no presence” and is filled with the Windows Update data.

You have to do the following:

  • Call Windows Services Administration via ” services.msc “.
  • Services Windows Update (wuauserv) Background Intelligent Transfer Service (bits) and the Cryptographic stop (cryptsvc).
  • Rename the directory ” % windir% / Softwaredistribution “.
  • The stopped Windows services start from the top.

The missing Windows updates must then be called up again and error 80244010 should not occur again.

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