Windows Store error message 0x80096004

The error message 0x80096004 occurs for many users when they try to download and install Windows apps from the Windows App Store . Below is a picture of the original Windows error message when we tried to download and install the Yahoo Mail app .

windows store error message 0x80096004

The exact error message for error code 0x80096004 is as follows:

Try again.

Something didn’t work there.

The error code is 0x80096004 if you need it.

At first block it is not clear why the error occurs. We would now like to offer you several possible solutions to the problem.

Deactivation of virus scanner & firewall

Please briefly deactivate your virus scanner so that it can be excluded as the cause of the problem. Users have often reported that deactivating the antivirus program or the Windows Firewall brought an improvement. After you have installed the apps, you should definitely activate your virus scanner and the Windows Firewall again.

Proxy settings

Often the wrong proxy settings in Internet Explorer (IE) are responsible for the problem. The easiest way to check this is to use the command


and in the window that appears, click on ” LAN settings “. There you will find the settings for the proxy server . Please check these values ​​for any errors or try once if you can connect to the internet without a proxy connection to rule out that the error 0x80096004 occurs due to the proxy settings .

Reset store cache

The third option is to reset the Windows Store cache . To do this, simply open an administrative command prompt and issue the wsreset.exe ” command . There are no parameters for this command. This resets all cached data from the Windows Store, and when you download an app , it is completely downloaded again and the installation begins again. After that, the error code  0x80096004 should no longer occur.

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