Windows Explorer parameters “explorer.exe”

The Windows Explorer probably know all of you, because the file browser is a key instrument of any Windows installation. What, however, not all know that the ” explorer.exe “, so the Windows Explorer via parameter has.

These Explorer.exe parameters cannot be accessed via the standard help command “ Explorer.exe /? “, But there are still some very useful parameters that we would like to introduce to you here.

Explorer parameter “/ N”

With the Explorer parameter “/ N” you can get Windows Explorer to open a new Windows Explorer window and open the given path in the Explorer window. For example, if you call the following command

explorer.exe / n, c: Windows

then the Windows directory is immediately opened in Windows Explorer, as you can see here below.

Explorer parameter / N

If you do not enter a path, the user directory ” Documents ” of the registered user is automatically displayed.

This PC documents

Explorer parameter select

You can then use the Explorer Parameter Select to specify an exact file name, for example. Windows Explorer then calls up the specified path and immediately shows the desired file name in the current sorting in the file list. Here below we have passed the Windows calculator “calc.exe” as a call target with Explorer as a parameter .

explorer /select,”c:windowssystem32calc.exe

The result looks like this.

Explorer parameter select

Explorer parameter seperate

With the Explorer parameter “Seperate” you can specify that Windows really runs Windows Explorer as a separate task. The call is then.

explorer.exe / separate

You can check this nicely in the Windows Task Manager , because 2 entries now appear in the active Windows processes. Below you can see that 3 Windows Explorer windows were already opened in the first process, with the Explorer parameter “Seperate” another, very own Explorer process was started.

Windows Explorer in Windows Task Manager

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