Windows cannot be configured to run on the hardware of this computer

When updating a Windows 10 Version 1607 Annicersary Update to Windows 10 Feature Update 1709 (Fall Creators Update), the following upgrade error message occurred during installation.

Windows cannot be configured to run on the hardware of this computer.

The installation or the Windows upgrade process was hanging at 42% and Windows 10 displayed this error message from Windows Setup.

Windows cannot be configured to run on the hardware of this computer.

Examine Windows update log

First you should examine the Windows Update LOG files. There could be an indication of the update problem. Unfortunately, Microsoft has made reading the Windows update log files a little more complicated. You can find out exactly how this works in our entry ” Read WindowsUpdate.log on Windows 10 “.

Error indicates faulty device drivers

If there is nothing useful in the log files that indicates the error, you should update all of your PC’s device drivers to the latest version. The easiest way is to go through the Windows device manager (compmgmt.msc) device by device and download the appropriate and latest Windows 10 device drivers from your manufacturer.

You can also use the integrated Windows driver update function in the device manager. This works as follows.

Update drivers

After all device drivers have been installed, you should also update your BIOS .

Windows Clean installation

If all of this does not help, you will generally not be able to avoid a Windows 10 Clean installation , i.e. a complete new installation. Ensures that you have a complete backup of your data, creates a Windows 10 boot stick and carries out a clean and complete Windows 10 reinstallation . In this case, the above-mentioned error message should never occur.

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