Windows 10 taskbar Show windows side by side

Even if the functions of the Windows 10 taskbar should be known to most Windows users, the function is

Show windows side by side

relatively unknown. To make this function clear to you, we made a small video in which you can clearly see the function.

With this function ” Show windows side by side ” of the Windows task bar, you can quickly and easily arrange open windows that are on the Windows desktop side by side . As you can see in the video, the 3 open programs (Wordpad, Notepad and Windows Explorer) are moved so that they are displayed side by side on the Windows desktop.

So this taskbar function is quite helpful and saves the user some work. You can find the function in the Windows taskbar by simply clicking with the right mouse button in a free area of ​​the Windows taskbar and then activating the item ” Show windows side by side “.

Show windows side by side, stacked or overlapping

Other useful functions that are also offered here in the options of the Windows taskbar are the window functions

  • Windows overlap
  • Show windows stacked

If you use the ” overlap window ” option , the opened windows are all opened slightly offset on top of each other, so that they lie on top of each other like a stack. The offset makes it easy to bring each of the overlaid windows to the foreground quickly and easily.

The ” Show windows stacked ” option shows the open windows all one above the other and is usually used very rarely.

Below the 3 options that we have marked on the picture above, you will find the option to undo the window arrangement .

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