What is the Windows Credential Management Service (VaultSvc)?

Again and again we are asked what the Windows service actually is

Credential management

for a task and whether it can be safely deactivated . The login information management service “VaultSvc”  is started by Windows at system startup and manages the login information, for example to connect to other PCs or servers via the network or to manage passwords of websites.

Windows credential management VaultSvc

In the picture you can see the credential management service in the Windows service management “services.msc” . Microsoft has released the following information about the service.

Allows secure storage and retrieval of credentials for users, applications, and security service packages.

Unfortunately, this Microsoft description of the VaultSvc service is not particularly meaningful. We can tell you the following about this service.

Registration and dependencies of the VaultSvc service

The registration of the service “registration information management ” takes place as “local system account. So that this service can be started, it depends on the Windows service ” Remote Procedure Call (RPC) “.

Credential management task

Windows credential management stores credentials for websites, connected applications, and networks. All credentials are processed in the credential management, the corresponding program can be found in the Windows Control Panel or if you enter the word ” Credential management ” in the Windows 10 Start menu .

Credential management

After calling the ” Login information management ” you will see a window in which you can view and edit all saved login data, passwords of websites and network devices.

Manage your own credentials

In this window ” Manage your own credentials ” you can now change, delete, save or restore the credentials .

If you have terminated the service “VaultSvc” and have also ” Deactivated “, the call to edit the login information is no longer possible and you will receive the following message.

Error executing action error code 0x80070425

The exact error message is then:

Credential management failed
. Action failed.
Error code: 0x80070425
Error message: The service is currently unable to accept control messages.


The “Credentials Management” service has its authorization and should not be deactivated , especially if your PC is possibly on a network.

You can find more information about Windows services here on Windows FAQ.

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