Wallpaper theme “Staircases Premium” shows beautiful stairs pictures

Today we would like to report again about a wonderful new wallpaper theme from Microsoft for Windows 10. Microsoft releases new wallpaper packs for Windows 10 again and again

Staircase PREMIUM Wallpaper Theme

released a desktop background pack with 12 beautiful stair pictures . In this wallpaper set, the “ staircase ” stands around the foreground and 12 very different stair motifs are shown. We have shown you the most beautiful stair wallpapers below.

Stair wallpaper 1:

Spiral staircase with endless blue facets

Stair wallpaper 2:

A modern staircase in a building in Zurich, Switzerland

Stair wallpaper 3:

Spirally going up or coming down?

Stair wallpaper 4:

The Spiral

Stair wallpaper 5:

Detail shot of stone stairs in city of China.

Stair wallpaper 6:

tulip staircase

As I said, these 6 wallpapers are just a selection from the entire 12 stair wallpapers. As always, Microsoft provides this stair theme for free to download and use.

You can download the ” Staircase PREMIUM” theme using the link below.

Staircases Premium Wallpaper Theme

All you have to do is click on ” Download ” and activate the ” Apply ” option after the download .

All stairs wallpapers are included in 4K resolution in this theme. Incidentally, if you are only interested in individual images from this Staircase Pack , you will find the individual 4K images in the directory after downloading and installing them

C: Users USERNAME AppData Local Microsoft Windows Themes Staircase DesktopBackground

If you have activated the entire staircase theme, the 12 staircase photos will be displayed alternately on the desktop at regular intervals . If you should not like a particular motif so much, you can also use the right mouse button and the ” Next desktop wallpaper” function to call up the next stair wallpaper .

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