VolSnap Event ID 25: You should reduce the I / O load on the system – shadow copy problems

Shadow copies are great for reverting to older files without the user having to resort to backups. We also configured various systems with active shadow copies and with one system we had to find the following error again and again.

Source: Volsnap
Event ID: 25
Error description : The shadow copies of volume “D:” were deleted because the shadow copy memory was not increased in time. You should reduce the I / O load on the system or choose a shadow copy storage volume that will not be shadow copied.

Below we have shown you the original error message directly from the Windows event log “eventvwr.msc” .

Volsnap Error id 25

We identified the problems beforehand, because for some unknown reason only the last automatically created shadow copy was kept. All shadow copies from before the last creation were automatically deleted again and again, although according to the shadow copy setup the storage space would be sufficient.

We also cannot understand the argument of the error message that the I / O load is too high and cannot be the cause of the problem.

Ultimately, we got the error under control by doing the following. We have illustrated all steps here.


First of all, we had the shadow copy storage area setting displayed. It just works with the command

vssadmin list shadowstorage

The used, the currently assigned and the maximum shadow copy storage area is then displayed. It was currently relatively small at just under 37GB, and 2.2TB were still free on the whole.

We then changed the maximum size of the shadow copy area again to the maximum value. You can do this with the following command.

vssadmin resize shadowstorage / for: LAUFWERK / on: LAUFWERK / MaxSize = UNBOUNDED

About the parameters MaxSize your different values can specify. The value ” unbounded ” indicates that the entire free space of the partition can also be used for shadow copies. You can also provide information in MB, GB or TB or enter a percentage . This is explained relatively well in the help and you can read this relatively well in the picture above.

After setting this setting, we had no problems creating and saving multiple shadow copies, and event ID 25 no longer occurred.

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