Useful keyboard shortcuts from the Edge Chromium

Keyboard shortcuts Edge Chromium

The Edge Chromium has only recently been officially available, so it is becoming more popular. Due to its significantly better performance compared to the old Edge Browser and the similarity to Google Chrome , the Edge Chromium has a great chance of being successful.

How you can download and install the Edge Chromium , we have already explained in detail in our article ” Download final Edge Chromium (Stable) Official Version “.

It is also very easy that you can import your favorites, bookmarks and passwords from another browser and can therefore easily start with the Edge Chromium .

We also like to use the Edge Chromium by now and we would like to show you in a short document which Edge Chromium key combinations can provide valuable services.

You should take a closer look at the following Edge Chromium keyboard shortcuts .

Edge Chromium keyboard shortcut Description of the key combination
CTRL + T Open a new tab
CTRL + N Open a new Edge Chromium window
CTRL + SHIFT + N Open a new InPrivate window
CTRL + SHIFT + A Open new Application Guard window
CTRL + J Call download overview
CTRL + P Print website
CTRL + F Search on website
CTRL + D Edit and save bookmarks
CTRL + W Close tab without asking
ALT + F4 Close Edge Chromium completely without asking
F11 Switch between full screen mode and window display
CTRL + PgDn Switch automatically to the next opened tab
CTRL + PgUp Automatically switch to the previous tab

The Edge Chromium also shows you most of these key combinations directly in the menu, as you can see below.

If you know any other useful keyboard shortcuts or shortcuts from the Edge Chromium , we would be happy to receive a corresponding comment at the end of this article. We’ll be happy to include your suggestions in the list of useful Chromium keyboard shortcuts .