Unzip MSU files

MSU files are Windows Update files that Microsoft makes available for download on your Windows Update servers. MSU files are a special file format that stores the Windows Update files and information in a packed file . As an example, let’s unpack the last update  KB4073290 , which was released for Windows 10 Version 1709 Fall Creators Update.

Via the Windows Update Catalog (which can be reached at  https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/ ) you can also download the appropriate update MSU file for each Windows update . Here is the download of the MSU file windows10.0-kb4073290-x64_5119daced3c80d539e79cf52a5fb5bc9cea61eb8.msu.

Download the MSU file

After downloading the MSU file you copy it into a directory, eg ” C: MSU ” and download the unpacking program “7-Zip” and install it. This unpacker is surely one of the best programs or tools available for Windows operating systems. You only need to right- click on the MSU file and then unzip it. You can either unzip the files into the same directory where the MSU file is located, or you can choose a different folder for the files of the unpacked MSU file .

Your directory with the extracted MSU data then looks like this.

Extracted MSU file

As you can see, various .CAB files have now been extracted from the MSU file , plus an XML file and a TXT file. The CAB files can also be unpacked further, but we will go into that in a later post.

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