Uninstall Windows Media Player from Windows 10

Microsoft comes with Windows 10 as standard with Windows Media Player , which has been part of the standard scope of Windows since Windows XP.

The Windows Media Player is suitable for playing music and videos, but has always been neglected by Microsoft and therefore hardly developed further. For this reason, many users resort to other media players, such as the VLC media player , which we also use.

The media player is therefore superfluous and can be uninstalled. This is relatively easy. To uninstall the Windows Media Player you have to do the following.

Uninstall Windows Media Player

First, simply use the key combination to open the Windows Settings app

Windows key + I Windows Settings app

and then the area

Apps (uninstall, defaults, optional features)

be called, as you can see here.

Apps Uninstall Defaults and Optional Features

In the app window that appears, the option

Manage optional features

be activated as shown here.

Apps Manage optional features

Then all ” optional features ” of the Windows apps are listed, including the Windows Media Player.

All you have to do is activate the option

Uninstall Windows Media Player

and the uninstallation process starts immediately and without further request.

Uninstall Windows Media Player

After a few seconds, the “Windows Media Player” app is uninstalled . A Windows restart is not necessary, the app is no longer available after deinstallation.

A new installation of Windows Media Player is almost as easy as uninstalling. Simply click on the “Optional Features” button

Add feature

click and install Windows Media Player. A short time later, the Windows Media Player will be available again.

Overall, a fairly simple process to install or uninstall Windows Media Player .

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