Uninstall Fall Creators Update Version 1709

The new Windows 10 feature update “Fall Creators Update” has been officially available since October 17, 2017 . However, so many users have problems with Fall Creators Update Version 1709 , so many want to uninstall Fall Creators Update . We would like to show you below how easy it is to return to the last installed Windows Feature Update .

The simplest thing is, you first open the apps for the Windows settings , which, as is known, you can call up the fastest using the following key combination .

Call Settings Windows 10

After that is the update

Update and security

to call. In the window that then appears, select “Restore” on the left side . Then the following recovery window is displayed.

Uninstall Fall Creators Update

There you will find the point

Return to the previous version of Windows 10 – let’s go

The only problem is that this way back is only possible for a certain time. It is currently 10 days after installing the Fall Creators Update that you have the maximum opportunity to uninstall the Fall Creators Update . The option would then be grayed out and no longer activated. It is also important that you have left the Windows directory “Windows.old”, which is in the root of the system partition, unchanged. If you have already cleaned this directory, then uninstalling version 1709 is definitely no longer possible.

The actual deinstallation process of Fall Creators Update corresponds to the deinstallation of Creators Update Version 1703 . We have already created detailed instructions for uninstalling these Windows 10 feature updates and can also use them to uninstall the Fall Creators Update . The appropriate instructions can be found in the entry ” Uninstall Windows 10 Feature Updates or return to the previous Windows version “.

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