Turn off all notifications from Windows Defender

The Windows Defender or Windows security is becoming more and more popular and is already regarded by many as the standard security software on Windows 10 used.

However, the Defender is very talkative and always notifies the Windows 10 user of the notifications when certain actions have occurred. We have shown you an example in the following illustration.

Windows Defender notifications

As a rule, these notifications from the Defender or from the  Windows security virus scanner are very useful, because this way the Windows 10 user is always informed about certain security events.

However, these numerous Windows Defender notifications can also interfere and there can be other reasons to turn off and suppress all Windows Defender notifications . For this very reason, Microsoft has created a group policy to completely turn off Windows Defender notifications . You can find this GPO at

Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Defender Antivirus / Client Interface

The group policy is then called

Suppress all notifications

We have shown you this GPO once below.

Suppress all notifications

As soon as you activate this group policy and restart your Windows PC, all notifications from Windows Defender Antivirus are deactivated and will no longer be displayed.

Microsoft has released the following additional statement regarding this Defender GPO .

This policy setting allows you to specify whether Windows Defender Antivirus notifications should appear on clients.
If you disable or do not configure the setting , Windows Defender Antivirus notifications appear on clients.

If you enable the setting , Windows Defender Antivirus notifications are not displayed on clients.

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