TrendMicro Patch 6355 and 6367 for OfficeScan 11 with Windows 10 Creators Update Support

OfficeScan 11.0 SP1 Patch 6355 and 6367

TrendMicro has finally responded and released an update for Windows 10 Version 1703 Creators Update for the OfficeScan client in version 11.0 Service Pack 1 . This new ” Critical Patch “, as the file names are, has been available in two versions since yesterday (May 17th, 2017). Firstly, the patch version 6355 for the English-language OfficeScan 11 version and the version 6367 for the German version of the Officescan 11.

Below is the download information from the TrendMicro homepage for the German version.

Patch 6367 for OfficeScan 11.0 SP1 German

OfficeScan 11.0 SP1 with the support of the Creators Update

As you can see in the picture, the file name ” osce-11-sp1-patch1-win-de-criticalpatch-6367.exe ” indicates that this version supports the “Creators Update”. This is the same for the English version, but here the file name for the patch 6355 is ” osce-11-sp1-patch1-win-en-criticalpatch-6355.exe “.

Also from the readme files it is not clear that this update apparently only contains the necessary adjustments for the Windows 10 Creators Update . Unfortunately, TrendMicro does not provide any further information as to whether and how the older version runs under the Creators Update and why it is absolutely necessary to install this update.

The installation of the patch, here the English version, runs flawlessly and without any options.

OfficeScan Creators Update Patch Installation

After the OfficeScan server has been updated, the new version number (build 6355) is also displayed in the OfficeScan server console, as you can see here below. It is something special that the OfficeScan server console is updated, because not every patch is displayed accordingly.

About OfficeScan

After installation on the server, this patch 6355 is then distributed to the Windows clients. Below you can see the message that appears on a Windows client during update 6355 .

Your software is getting an update - OfficeScan Patch

After a few minutes, the OfficeScan client upgrade is complete. In the picture below you can now see the new OfficeScan build version 6355 .

TrendMicro OfficeScan 11.0.6355 Service Pack 1

We could not find any changes in the OfficeScan server console . Apparently all changes really refer to the Creators Update and no additional functions have been added.

Here you can download the updates 6355 and 6367 for TrendMicro OfficeScan:

– Download OfficeScan 11.0.6355 and 11.0.6367

Note regarding the WannaCry ransomware: We made a phone call today with the support from TrendMicro regarding OfficeScan 11 and the WannaCry virus . We wanted to find out whether OfficeScan 11.0 SP1 also protects against the WannaCry virus with a current patch . The official statement is that users should definitely update to OfficeScan XG to have better protection. There is no 100% protection anyway. With the “ machine learning ” function, OfficeScan XG offers better defense against mutations of the virus. OfficeScan 11 also offers protection through the current virus definitions, but only the “ web reputation ” defense is effective here . 

About OfficeScan XG: TrendMicro has also released a patch for the Creators Update for OfficeScan XG . It has the build number 1556, the file name is ” osce-xg-win-en-patch1-1556.exe ” and has a size of 632 MB. You can download the OfficeScan XG Patch 1556 directly here.

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