Switch quickly between user accounts on Windows 10 (Fast User Switching)

With Windows 10 it is also possible to switch back and forth between different user accounts very quickly and easily , without the registered user having to close the open programs first. During this ” change account ” action, the active programs remain untouched, a second user can log on to the PC, work normally and finally you can switch back to the original user using the same “change account” function.

Microsoft calls this function ” Fast User Switching ” or ” fast user switching “. This function is available in Windows 10 in two places, which we would like to introduce to you below.

“Change account” in the Windows 10 start menu

In the Windows 10 start menu you will find the first quick user switch . Simply open the start menu and click with the right mouse button on the ” user account symbol “. Then another window opens in which it has the function

Switch Accounts

gives. We have shown you this below in an original picture.

Change account Windows 10

After clicking on ” Change account “, the status of the logged in user is ” frozen ” and switched to the Windows login screen. Now another person can log on to the same system, work normally and then you can switch back to the first Windows 10 user using the same function.

Change user account in Windows Task Manager

The same function is also available in the Windows Task Manager. If you click on the “User” tab in the Task Manager, you can use the right mouse button to call up another context menu by selecting the desired item

Change user account

gives. We have also shown this to you below.

Change user account Windows 10

Conclusion: The fast user switching is also a wonderful feature in Windows 10, which is unfortunately used far too rarely. As a rule, the current user is logged off, the new user logs on. Just try this quick user change as an alternative.

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