Swiftkey on Windows 10 – Quick inputs with the on-screen keyboard

Swiftkey Windows 10

A very nice function is the so-called ” Swiftkey “. With Swiftkey, you have the option of typing individual words faster on the Windows on-screen keyboard (touch), because you no longer have to tap the letters individually, but can simply move or swipe from letter to letter with your finger on the keyboard .

You then only have to linger briefly on the letter you want to activate and can then continue to wipe your finger on the next letter until the word has been completed. To make this clear to you, we have made a short video that demonstrates exactly the Swiftkey function under Windows 10 . In the video we show you how to use Swiftkey to enter the word ” Windows “.

In the video you can see an open notebook in the upper area, in which we would like to write the word ” Windows “. Then simply start on the letter “W” , the finger is not raised and immediately wiped to the letter “i” . This wiping continues until the word is completely finished. So you can enter text very quickly with this ” intelligent keyboard “. However, it takes a little practice and patience before this innovative input technology can be used successfully.

This wiping technique for rapid entry of text on virtual keyboards by the way the “Company Swiftkey developed”, which was then adopted several years ago by Microsoft. Incidentally, this input wiping technique has already been established on iOS and Android devices and is used particularly heavily by young users. This quick input function is included on Apple devices from iOS version 9.0 and on Android devices from version 4.1.

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