Surface doesn’t connect to WiFi or a mobile hotspot

Microsoft Surface users report again and again that there are problems when establishing a WLAN connection . We have also had this problem a few times, especially when setting up a WiFi connection from a Surface to a mobile iPhone hotspot (personal hotspot).

Hundreds of tips and probable help for Surface WLAN problems are circulating on the Internet. We have tried many of them, and as a rule none of them worked.

Connect Surface to WiFi easily

You should try the following solution to the WLAN problems if you also have problems with the Surface WLAN . As you can see in the picture below, we wanted to connect to the WiFi and it keeps getting the error message

Cannot connect to this network

Connect Surface to WiFi

It is not clear why the error message ” No connection to this network is possible ” and no further information is provided.

In order to connect the Surface to the iPhone hotspot , you should remove the already saved WLAN profile . To do this, you call the Windows settings using the key combination

and then changes to the areas

Network and Internet (WLAN, airplane mode, VPN, …)

and then into the sub-area


Then finally in the point

Manage known networks

This then looks like this, for example.

Do not save WLAN

If you now click on the WLAN that causes the connection problems, the buttons ” Properties ” and appear

Don’t save .

If you now click ” Do not save “, the WLAN displayed will be removed from the list of known networks .

Now you can reconnect the Surface to the WiFi or the shared personal hotspot and the error message ” No connection to this network possible ” should not appear again .

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