Start Windows Services via Group Policy

We became aware of the problem because after a Windows 10 upgrade to Fall Creators Update Version 1709, the ” Remote Registration ” or ” RemoteRegistry service is always automatically deactivated. This is very unattractive, because many remote maintenance tools or remote tools use this service to communicate with the client.

That is why we were looking for a solution to generally start this service when the clients start up, even if it is set to “Deactivated” as the service start type .

Start Windows service via GPO

You can find the necessary settings for this in the group policy editor of the domain. Here you have to switch to the following branch

Computer Configuration / Settings / Control Panel Settings / Services

There you can then use the ” New ” and ” Service ” to create a new group policy so that existing services are started automatically. Below we have shown you this area in the Group Policy Management Editor.

Start Windows services via GPO

In our example, we again selected the Remote Registration ” service from the list of service names. The ” Start service ” action was selected as the service action . Further settings are actually no longer necessary, you do not have to worry about the security rights for the service registration. In the tabs ” Recovery ” and ” Together ” you can configure the known other service settings.

The group policy then looks like this.

Set service properties via GPO

Now you can either restart the clients or run ” gpupdate / force ” on the clients so that the changed or new group policy also applies. Then the service, in our case the remote registration , should have started automatically. In this way you can of course also deactivate Windows services , change the start types or just change the service properties .

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