Show or disable badges in Windows 10 taskbar

Most Windows 10 users can hardly imagine anything under the term ” badges “. As badges Microsoft called graphs or changes to icons that are located in the Windows 10 taskbar. A good example of ” badges ” is the Outlook program icon , which changes when there are unread emails.

By default, the Outlook icon in the Windows 10 taskbar looks like this.

Badges disabled in Windows 10 taskbar

On the other hand, if the “Badges display function” is activated, the same task bar looks like this.

Badges enabled in Windows 10 taskbar

As you can see, a letter symbol has now been integrated into the Outlook symbol , which indicates unread e-mails. This ” badges ” display is usually useful, but there may be reasons to deactivate these icon changes . For this reason, we would like to briefly explain below how you can easily change these badges settings in Windows 10 .

To do this, you first call the Windows settings using the known key combination

Windows key & “I” and then give the word


in the search box, as you can see below.

Badges Windows 10

Then you choose the point

Show badges on the taskbar

and in the following window you choose the point on the left side


Show badges on taskbar buttons

Now you can find the desired badges setting relatively far below with the name

Show badges on taskbar buttons

Now you have the possibility to activate or deactivate the badges display . Incidentally, these changes become active immediately and the icons in the Windows taskbar are adjusted immediately.

You can also control these badges settings via the registry . We will explain how this works in another article on the topic of ” badges “.

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