Set up a static IP address in Windows 10

By default, most users will operate their network card in DHCP mode (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and the distribution of the IP addresses in your home network will usually be distributed by the Internet router .

Sometimes, however, it can be absolutely necessary for your PC to be given a static IP address . Below we show you the steps to set up a static IP address.

First you have to call up the program for editing the network connections.



Then you have to call up the properties of your network card by right-clicking on the network connection and selecting ” Properties “.

Network connections properties

Then you have to activate the following point.

Internet protocol. Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)

Then click the ” Properties ” button again , as you can see here in the picture below.

Internet protocol

Now you can see that your current network configuration is set to DHCP . This means that IP settings are assigned automatically if the network or your router supports this function.

If you now want to specify a fixed IP address or a static IP address , you have to change the following two options.

Obtain an IP address automatically -> Use the following IP address Obtain
DNS server address automatically -> Manage the following DNS server addresses

Define a fixed IP address

You can now store the fixed IP address in this mask . The Internet router is usually entered as the default gateway. In this case, we have stored a Google DNS server ( as the DNS server . Of course, all of these settings vary and are only entered here as examples.

By confirming the OK button twice , the IP changes are then active and your PC has a static IP address .

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