Rework old hardware or buy refurbished hardware as refurbished devices

The development in the PC area is progressing rapidly and hardware that was state of the art a few years ago is now an old hat that nobody wants to use anymore. Unfortunately, this tendency can be seen again and again and very few users are willing to work with a PC, tablet or smartphone that are already a few years old.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, because it is often worth reprocessing older hardware . Whether this is in the private sector or in the company environment, the use of such refurbished devices is obvious. For example, if you use a PC with an Intel i3 processor, a local hard drive (HDD) and 2 GB of RAM, this PC should not be left out. With a little effort and a few euros you can turn this hardware into a still quite good PC. All you need is simply replacing the HDD with a fast SSD and increasing the RAM from 2GB to 4 or better 8 or 16GB.


You can also speed up the PC by performing a clean installation of Windows 10 . By reinstalling Windows 10, the PC is freed of all legacy issues and runs quickly and flawlessly even on an i3 processor. It does not always have to be the latest hardware to be able to use a PC or notebook for a few more years. Even a PC that is maybe 5, 6 or even 7 years old will perform well again through sensible hardware adjustments.

But you can also buy so-called refurbished devices at very low prices . There are various companies on the Internet that buy used hardware from commercial customers, revise and test this hardware and then offer it as refurbished hardware for sale. The advantage is that these are usually brand-name PCs, which were then built by Dell , HP, Apple, Fujitsu, Lenovo or other manufacturers.

So it is definitely worthwhile to have a look at these refurbished products when buying a new hardware. So you can save good money and refurbishing also  protects the environment . In addition, there is no need to dispose of the devices. However, you should pay attention to how it looks with the guarantee or warranty with the products, so that you can get help from the supplier in the event of a problem.

The term “ refurbished ” does not only mean PCs. The refurbished devices also include other  peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, smartphones or other hardware.

Companies that have a lot of PCs in use should also think about not disposing of the older PCs straight away, but to make them available to companies that refurbish these older PCs and then offer them again as refurbished devices. Even so, you can still make a little money with older PCs and you do not have to pay for the disposal costs for the hardware .