Reset Windows 10 standard apps

The ” standard apps ” under Windows 10 are the apps that are automatically taken or started when certain actions or files are opened. Microsoft has these standard apps in the areas

  • e-mail
  • cards
  • Music player
  • Image display
  • Video player
  • and web browser

assigned. This means, for example, that the stored standard web browser is opened automatically when links are opened , or the standard ” image display ” is used when opening images .

You can take a look at this and also change it if you use the Windows settings app with the key combination

Windows key + I Windows Settings app

calls up and then gives the search term ” Standard “. The space at the end of ” Standard ” is important. Then the result of the search looks like this and you have to

Settings for standard apps


Settings for standard apps

By default, these app categories are linked to the following apps.

  • E-Mail -> Windows 10 Mail App
  • Maps -> Windows 10 Maps app
  • Music player -> Windows 10 Groove music app
  • Image display -> Windows 10 Photos app
  • Video player – Windows 10 Movies & TV app
  • Web browser – Microsoft Edge

However, you can simply select another standard program by clicking on the desired app category. Below we have, for example, changed the category ” Image display ” and ” Web browser ” to another program, in this case to ” Paint ” and to the Google Chrome browser.

Reset apps to default

Microsoft, of course, prefers to see the ” Default Apps ” opened by default with the standard Windows 10 apps. For this reason, too, Microsoft has the option at the very end of this settings window

Reset to default

added. If you choose the “Reset” function , all assignments of the standard apps are reset to the standard settings of Windows 10 without asking. In this case, the image display would be reset to ” Photos ” and the web browser to ” Microsoft Edge “.

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