Reset network in Windows 10

If Windows 10 users have problems with the network , it can have various causes. It may be due to network components such as switches or LAN cables, but it may also have to do with the Windows installation.

After all hardware problems have been ruled out, a local examination of the network settings should be carried out. This can be done using the ” Windows 10 Network Troubleshooter “, but in our experience this is usually not successful. Microsoft has integrated a new function in Windows 10, which is called ” Reset network “.

You can find this point under “Windows Key”, “Settings”, “Network Status”, as you can see below:

Reset network Windows 10

This is a very interesting new feature because it does the following:

Reset network

This will remove and then reinstall all of your network cards, and will reset other network components to their original settings. You may need to reinstall other network software such as VPN client software or virtual switches afterwards.

The PC is restarted.

Reset network

This function should of course only be carried out with caution, because it has far-reaching effects on all network settings. Registered fixed IP addresses , Standardgateway’s or DNS servers are then no longer available, as it can affect virtual Hyper-V switches or VPN software have. In addition, after reinstalling the network cards, you should check which driver version of the network cards is installed, because it may be that manufacturer drivers have been replaced by Microsoft drivers .

Despite all the problems that can arise from this, it can be a sensible step to get your Windows network problems under control.

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