Remove time and date from Windows 10 taskbar

Every Windows user is familiar with the display of the date and time in the Windows taskbar . As in the previous version of Windows, it is also the case with Windows 10 that the current time and date are displayed in the task bar at the bottom right next to the Windows Info Center icon . Here is an example of the Windows 10 taskbar .

Windows 10 taskbar including date and time

Sometimes, however, it is desirable for this date and time display to be hidden in the Windows 10 taskbar. This works as follows.

Simply via the Windows key + “I”

Open the Windows 10 settings app and enter the term ” system symbols ” there, as you can see here in the image below.

Enable or disable Windows 10 system icons

Then a new window appears in which you can see all Windows 10 system icons . Among other things, the symbol for the ” clock “, as you can see here.

The settings window is called

Activate or deactivate system symbols

Windows 10 clock hide system icon from taskbar

If you now set this slider to ” Off “, then the current time and date will no longer be displayed in the Windows 10 taskbar, as you can see here using our example.

Windows 10 taskbar without date and clock

In this way you can of course show or hide many more Windows 10 system icons . The following additional Windows 10 system icons can be switched on and off in the Windows 10 version 1703 Creators Update .

  • volume
  • network
  • Power supply
  • Input indicator
  • position
  • Info center
  • On-screen keyboard
  • Windows Ink workspace

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