Recover deleted files on Windows

EaseU's Data Recovery Wizard

Every Windows user has probably had this problem. Files were accidentally deleted that you actually still need. Of course, these don’t just have to be files, they can be entire directories. With Windows board resources there is unfortunately relatively little, and Windows 10 also has nothing to offer in this area.

So you have to help yourself with the appropriate tools and today we want to introduce you to a very good tool for recovering deleted data .

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

The company EaseUS has been offering this software for several years and is already available in version 10.8 . We took a closer look at the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro variant, there is also a free version , but it only offers a limited range of functions. The installation works very easily and smoothly and the program is installed within a very short time.


However, you should note that by installing the Undelete program, hard disk space, which may contain deleted files, can of course be overwritten by the installation program. Therefore it would be better to install the program on another PC and connect the hard drive with the lost data as an additional or USB hard drive. This ensures that no files can be lost or that you cannot overwrite files.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Setup

After installation, you can select the file types that Data Recovery Wizard should search for. Of course, you can also scan for all files or file types or you can narrow them down into the areas of graphics, documents, emails, audio, video or others .

Select EaseUs Data Recovery file types

After you have determined the file types, the ” location of the lost data ” is still to be determined. All local drives are displayed, scanning of network drives is not supported.

EaseUs Data Recovery location of lost data

The program then begins to search for any deleted files. As you can see below, the Recovery Wizard has already found some deleted files for recovery . Depending on the size of the data carrier and the number of deleted files, this search process can take some time. However, the very clear display of the program always shows the current search status and estimates the remaining time.

EaseU's data recovery scanning process

At the end of the search process , the Data Recovery Wizard tells us that there may be other files that have not yet been found. For this purpose, the depth scan has to be carried out, which examines all deleted areas of the hard disk, the USB stick or other data carrier more precisely and finds a lot more than the normal scanning process.

Perform EaseUs Data Recovery deep scan after scanning

Below you can see the result of the depth scan , which we have used in this example on a completely deleted USB stick. He found a total of over 2,400 files with a size of over 30GB and we were able to restore the files without any problems.

EaseU's data recovery restore

Overall, the data recovery software “Data Recovery Wizard” from EaseUS makes a very good impression. We were able to test the professional version , which currently costs € 66.69 . With this version there is no limit on how much GB of data you want to restore. However, if you have only deleted a few files or images, you may also need the free version, which can be downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer’s website. With this free version you can restore up to 2GB of data . If you want to update the program to the professional version, just enter the key.

There are a total of 4 variants of this data recovery software , which of course all have different scope of services . A very nice overview is also visible on the manufacturer’s homepage. There are also various HowTo’s to see, including how you can restore a formatted hard drive  .

We can really recommend the use of this tool, it did a really good job in our tests. We will shortly be launching a competition here on Windows FAQ, in which  you can win professional versions of the Data Recovery Wizard. We hope you will drop by again.