Query which user is currently logged on

We are often asked how easy it is to see on a Windows 10 PC which user is currently logged on . Unfortunately, this is no longer as easy as it was possible with Windows 7 or 8.1.

We would like to show you 4 quick ways below, how you can get the name of the current user.

Show username via the start menu

It is very easy via the Windows 10 start menu. After clicking on the Windows symbol in the Windows task bar , the start menu is visible and immediately above the Windows symbol you will find the symbol of a contact . We have shown this to you below.

All you have to do is move the mouse pointer over this contact icon , but do not click. Then the registered Windows user name will be displayed immediately, in our case ” Windows FAQ “.

Show username by calling the command prompt

Another simple option is to simply use the command as a user


after pressing the key combination

to call. Then you can see the following, for example.

Call CMD Show username

The command prompt is called up and the user path of the logged in user is displayed, again ” C: Users Windows FAQ “.

Username via WHOAMI

The third option is the command


to call.

wer bin ich

In this case you will see the computer name followed by the registered user name .

Show username via system variable

The fourth and last option is to retrieve the user name using a Windows system variable .

To do this, you have to call the following command.

echo% username%

echo username

All 4 options are relatively easy and quick to do . So everyone can choose the right variant. If you know other, simple ways to display the user name of the active user, please leave a comment at the end of this article.

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