84B30002 Error code during Windows update

Every now and then we come across Windows Update error code 84B30002 . In the picture below you can see the Error 84B30002 on a Windows Server 2012 R2, on which 3 current Windows updates should be installed.


As you can see, 2 updates were installed successfully and one update brought the error 84B30002 . Unfortunately, the information that Microsoft provides about error code 84B30002 is very inadequate and not very meaningful. Also under the link ” Help on this error ” there is no useful information to eliminate the update error 84B30002.

When looking for the cause of the update error 84B30002 we came across the alleged cause, it is a problem with the service pack update for an installed Microsoft SQL Server.

Many forum entries on the Internet report that the update error 84B30002 mostly occurs in connection with the installation of a SQL service pack . For us it was apparently the problematic update

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 3 (SP3)

To avoid the update error code 84B30002 , we simply downloaded the update directly from the Microsoft website and then carried out a manual installation of the Microsoft SQL Service Pack . This manual update could then be installed easily and without an error message. After a new Windows restart, the Windows Update function no longer produced the error 84B30002 and all subsequent updates could be installed again without any problems.

Unfortunately, why these SQL updates always cause problems cannot be said. However, it seems to be a relatively known bug, because the problems also occur in the previous and subsequent SQL server service packs.

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