Prevent uninstallation of Windows updates

The installation of Windows updates is essential for the security of the system. As a rule, Windows updates can also be uninstalled again. In certain circumstances, however, it can make sense to prevent the uninstallation of Windows updates . This can be done using group policies.

The GPO to prevent the uninstallation of Windows updates can be found in the following group policy branch.

Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Installer

There you will find the group guidelines

Do not allow removal of updates

We have shown this to you below.

Do not allow removal of updates

If you activate this GPO, no user or administrator can uninstall  or remove Windows updates .

Microsoft has released the following information regarding this group policy .

This policy setting determines whether users or administrators can remove Windows Installer-based updates.

This policy setting should be used if you want to strictly control the use of updates. For example, if you want to ensure in a locked environment that once installed, updates can no longer be removed by users or administrators.

If you enable this policy setting , users and administrators cannot remove updates from the computer. Windows Installer can still remove updates that are no longer applicable to the product.

If you disable or do not configure this policy setting , users can remove an update from the computer only if they have been granted permission to remove the update. This may depend on whether the user is an administrator, whether the policy settings ” Disable Windows Installer ” and ” Always install with elevated rights ” are set and whether the update is in a user-based, not user-based or computer-based context was installed.

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