Office is being installed – Please restore the internet connection

The Office 2013 or Office 2016 installation (including Office 365) is often not as easy as expected. Many users experience the following problem or error message

Office is installed

Please restore the internet connection.
Office is still installed in the background and an internet connection is required to complete the installation.

The original error message of the Office 2016 installation can be seen here below.


Cause of the Office installation problem

Why this message comes up is completely unclear. We examined it closely, the internet connection is not the cause of the problem, because in our tests the internet connection was permanent via WLAN or LAN connection . There were no ping times to indicate any packet loss or network problems.

The message appears to appear due to other facts. Unfortunately, the Office Setup program does not continue the installation, this can be checked in the Windows Task Manager . There is no use canceling the installation, because the same message reappears when you restart.

Remove canceled Office installation

First you have to completely remove the now canceled Office installation from the Windows system. Because if you try to start the installation again, the following error message will appear relatively quickly.


That unfortunately did not work. 

Unfortunately there was a problem.

Error code: 30125-1 (12007)

Unfortunately, this is not that easy and that’s why Microsoft has provided a special tool (O15CTRRemove) for uninstalling Office.

Simply download the tool and start it. Then let the tool run through. But be careful, it can take 5-15 minutes for the entire Windows system to be cleared of the incomplete Office installation .

Before you carry out an Office installation again, you should definitely restart the Windows PC.

Download the Office Offline installation package

The best and easiest way is to simply download the Office installation package completely from the Microsoft download servers and then carry out the installation offline. This works as follows.

  • Open the website
  • Log in with your Microsoft account and switch to the ” Office Home & Business ” area

office-home-business-language-and-installation options

  • Here you now select ” Language and installation options
  • After that, the item ” Other installation options ” must be selected.

office-further-installation options

Then another mask appears in which you click on ” Download offline installation program “.

download offline installer

Then the download of the Office installation program starts as an .IMG file, the file name is ” HomeBusinessRetail.IMG “. Office 2016 is a 2.7 GB file. Due to the size of the download, the download can take between 30 and 90 minutes.

After the download you can mount the IMG file with a double click and start the SETUP program directly from it . Then simply follow the installation instructions and complete the installation. Now the Office error message described above regarding the missing internet connection should no longer occur.

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