New tab display in the new Edge Chromium – tab display individually adjustable

A fairly new and good feature in the new Edge Chromium is the customization of new tabs that you can open. Microsoft offers 3 ready-made designs for this, but you can also customize this display to a certain extent.

In this short Edge Chromium tutorial we show you the new tab displays and how you can adjust them.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to call the URL

edge: // settings / newTabPage

This looks like this in the Edge Chromium.

You will then automatically land in the Edge Chromium settings in the area

New Tab Page

The only function that is currently available here is as follows

Adjust the layout and content of the new tab page

After clicking on Customize, another small menu appears, in which you can see the following tab options for the page layout .

  • Focused
  • Inspiring
  • Informative
  • Custom

In the picture above you can see the tab layout “Focused” . This new layout for new tabs only shows the Bing search line and the quick start links . This allows the user to concentrate on the essentials and is not distracted by unnecessary information.

The “ Inspirational ” layout , however, looks like this.

Edge Chromium Tab Inspirational

Here, a Bing background is displayed in the Edge Chromium as a background image, as well as the quick start icons for the most visited websites recently.

The ” Informational ” layout then looks like this.

Edge Chromium Tab Informational

Here you can see not only the Bing search field , the quick links , but also the latest news .

But you can also configure the settings yourself to a certain extent. Of course, this then works via the ” User-defined ” layout . The following tab design options are then available to you.

Edge Chromium Tab custom

Here you can define whether the direct links should be displayed or whether the Bing background image should be displayed. Via ” Content ” you can then define which ” message content ” should be displayed.

This gives you extensive options for how you want to design new tabs in the new Edge Chromium .

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