Deactivate Outlook reading area or display it on the right or bottom of Outlook

The reading area in Outlook is actually a very pleasant function that is used by many Outlook users. By default, the Outlook reading area is deactivated.

In this Outlook tutorial we would like to show you how to activate , deactivate or configure the Outlook reading area so that it is displayed in the right or in the Outlook area below. By default, your Outlook will look like this.

Outlook without reading area

As you can see, only the email is displayed here as a one-line line, a reading area is not defined. If you now want to set up a reading area , you must first click on the menu item


switch and then you will find the reading area options in the area


as you can see below.

Select Outlook reading area

Under the option

Reading area

you now have the option of displaying the reading area either on the right edge of the screen or at the bottom of the screen . Furthermore, you can completely turn off the reading area here .

The following setting options are also available in the reading area via options .

  • Mark messages displayed in the reading area as read (waiting time before “read” mark “x” seconds).
  • Mark element as read when new selection is made.
  • Single key reading with space bar.
  • Activate automatic full view in portrait format.

Here below you can see an Outlook with the reading area ” Right ” displayed.

Outlook reading area on the right

And in the figure below you can see the Outlook reading area ” below “.

Outlook reading area below

If you use the reading area from Outlook , you should be aware that this automatically opens the email and the content is displayed in the reading area . This could U pose a security risk. We generally recommend switching off the reading area in general so that unknown e-mails from questionable senders can be deleted immediately and without opening the e-mail .

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