Network performance with 10GBit networks

Networks nowadays usually with 1 GBit connections, that is state of the art and meanwhile affordable for private users and companies. Of course there have also been 10 GBit network components for some time , also known by the following terms:

10GBase-T / IEEE 802.3ae / IEEE 802.3an, IEEE 802.3ak 

We currently have two Dell PowerEdge R710 servers (Windows Server 2012 R2) equipped with an Intel Dual Port 10GBase-T card 10G 2P X540-T card and connected them to 2 pieces of 10 GBit Dell switches N4064 . Then the latest Intel drivers for the network card were installed and then the tests could be started.

The performance with which these network cards work is impressive . In a test we have of the transfer a 30GB large VHD file a Dell R710 to the other and following performance and transfer rates  achieved:

Network performance

This hard copy is only an example, the maximum transmission values ​​were even higher. In comparison, the 1GBit network card only manages 100-150 MB / s. The entire 30GB file was copied within 45 seconds . But the 10GBit network card also scored well when copying many small files and was of course many times ahead of the 1GBit network card. Unfortunately, the 10GBit network components are still quite expensive at the moment, but this should change significantly in the next 1-2 years.

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