Move taskbar in Windows 10

Usually the Windows 10 taskbar is at the bottom of the screen . However, it can make sense to move the taskbar either to the right, left or top edge.

Sometimes it just happens to users by mistake that they move the taskbar and no longer know how to move the taskbar back . We want to show you this in the taskbar tutorial.

Remove system tray fixation

First you have to remove the Windows taskbar fixation . To do this, simply click with the

right mouse button

in a free, usually black area, the Windows 10 taskbar. The following menu then appears.

Deactivate fix taskbar

Here you have to deactivate the following option.

lock the taskbar

This means that the checkmark from “Fix taskbar” must be removed. Only then is it possible to move the Windows 10 taskbar to another place.

Move taskbar

How you can move the Windows taskbar , shows you the short video, which we would like to show you below.

The taskbar video shows exactly how you can move the taskbar . It is important that you do this again in a free area of ​​the Windows taskbar with the

left mouse button

clicks, holds the mouse button down and then moves the taskbar with the left mouse button pressed to the right edge, left rank or upper edge of the desktop.

After you release the mouse button, the taskbar docks at the desired position. Then you should reactivate the fixation of the taskbar so that you can not accidentally move it. This way, you can place the taskbar on your desktop as you wish.

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