Microsoft Edge reading view – advantages and how it can be used

Many Windows 10 users will not be familiar with the reading view function of the Microsoft Edge browser. The Edge Browser automatically displays an icon behind the URL on every website so that the user can also see the displayed website in the

Reading view

can look at. The reading view icon in the Edge Browser looks like this:

Edge reading view symbol

The symbol is shown as an ” open book ” and is intended to show the Edge user that there is a special reading view for the current website . If the reading view symbol is shown as “black” , the reading view can be activated. With a ” gray ” display of the symbol, however, it is not possible to switch to the Edge reading view .

We want to clarify this to you here again, as we “our contribution enable BitLocker encryption for Windows 10 ” in the normal display and the reading view constitute here below.

Website in normal view in the Edge

Edge page display in normal mode

Same website in the Edge reading view

Edge website display in reading view

The difference in the display of the same website is serious. The edge reading mode removes all superfluous content from the website such as advertising, links, navigation bars, sidebar and reduces the website to the essentials.

Thus, the visitor of the website can read the information almost like in a book and can switch to the next or previous page either with the mouse or with the right and left mouse button. This makes the article much easier for the visitor to read and allows him to concentrate on the essential information .

The Edge reading view can be switched off at any time using the button. You can also use the key combination (CTRL + SHIFT + R) at any time.


activate or deactivate the reading view .

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