Lock or deactivate task manager and prevent call

The Windows Task Manager should be most Windows users a bell. Unfortunately, you can do a lot of things with it, especially inexperienced Windows users can use it to end processes or programs that may cause problems. For this reason, it is sometimes quite desirable for the task manager call to be blocked .

Deactivate Task Manager via GPO

In principle, this is possible, the easiest way using a group policy. In the group policy editor (gpedit.msc) there is a suitable GPO in the user GPOs. You can find them under the following registry branch.

User Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / CTRL + ALT + DEL (Options)

There is the following group policy

Remove Task Manager

We have shown this to you below.

Remove Task Manager

You just have to ” activate ” this group policy ” Remove Task Manager “. Microsoft has released the following information about this GPO.

This policy setting prevents users from starting Task Manager.

With the Task Manager (taskmgr.exe) can start user programs and exit, monitor the performance of their computers, all running programs on the computer ( including system services show) and monitor, identify the name of the executable files of the programs and the priority of the process change in which a program is executed.

If you enable this policy setting , users will not be able to access Task Manager. When users try to start Task Manager, a message appears stating that a policy setting is preventing the process.

If you disable or do not configure this policy setting , Task Manager enables users to start and stop programs, monitor the performance of their computers, view and monitor all programs running on the computer (including system services), determine the names of the programs’ executable files, and change the priority of the process in which a program is running.

Immediately after the adjustment, the task manager can no longer be called up under the logged on user .

Here you can see that the task manager is no longer available after pressing the key combination ” CTRL + ALT + DEL “. This is then no longer visible to the user.

Task manager removed

However, calling from the Windows taskbar is no longer possible. The “ Task Manager ” entry is still visible, but is grayed out and can no longer be clicked on.

Task manager grayed out

You can of course reactivate the Task Manager by simply setting the GPO to “Not configured”.

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