Load your Android device with free MP4 movies to watch anytime

Downloading free mp4 movies on your android device is a great way to save data while watching the content offline. Using mobile apps and free movie sites, you can download free MP4 movies for Android.

To avoid copyright issues, only download public domain movies or movies with a Creative Commons license.

Download free MP4 movies for Android with mobile applications

Two types of apps are efficient for downloading mp4s to your Android phone or tablet: video downloaders and torrent clients. Downloader apps work by resolving the original video/streaming URL, then downloading and mixing the video and audio. Torrent applications work by downloading multiple parts or a file or files from multiple users simultaneously.

Download Free MP4 Movies with All Video Downloader 2018

All Video Downloader 2018 is an Android app that downloads videos and music from a wide variety of social media and sharing sites. With the built-in browser and one-touch download, you can browse and save your favorite mp4 movies directly to your device. The app is free to download (displays ads) and is compatible with Android 4.4 and above.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store page of All Video Downloader 2018 and tap INSTALL .

  2. Tap OPEN .

  3. Tap Allow .

    Screenshots showing the installation of All Video Downloader 2018 for Android.

  4. Enter a URL or keywords in the app’s search box.

  5. Tap the red download icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  6. Tap the orange download icon on the far right of the video quality you want to save.

    Screenshot showing how to download an mp4 with All Video Downloader.

  7. Tap Progress at the bottom center of the screen. This screen will show the overall progress and download speeds of your mp4 file.

  8. Tap Done to view, play, share or delete your mp4.

    Screenshots showing the progress of an mp4 download with All Video Downloader 2018.

  9. Open the file manager and navigate to the device’s internal storage, then tap VideoDownloader .

  10. Tap Download .

  11. Play and manage your downloaded mp4s from the app’s default storage location.

    A screenshot of All Video Downloader 2018's default storage location.

  12. That’s it.

Get Free MP4 Movies on Android with BitTorrent

BitTorrent for Android is a mobile torrent client that allows you to download content using P2P sharing. BitTorrent runs torrent (.torrent) files and can speed up the overall download process when there is a healthy number of seeders. BitTorrent is compatible with Android 4.1 and above, and is free to download. There is also a paid professional option.

Download free MP4 movies with InsTube for Android

InsTube is another downloader app that will download video and audio from over hundred sites like TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Liveleak, Whatsapp and many more. InsTube must be installed by downloading the APK file and then loading the app on your phone or tablet. The app is compatible with Android 4.0 and above, and is free to download.

Screenshots of InsTube for Android.

InsTube will download content from YouTube. However, downloading video or audio from YouTube is prohibited under the site’s terms of service.

Download MP4s to your Android device from free movie websites

Apart from mobile apps, you can also download movies directly from websites that offer free content. An excellent and safe bet is to download movies in the public domain, or material with a creative commons license assigned. There are thousands of classic movies in the public domain to choose from, and downloading them for personal use is totally legal.

Download Free MP4s from Public Domain Movies

PublicDomainMovie.net is a website that lists and provides download links for over five hundred public domain movies. The website covers a wide range of genres, including comedy, drama, romance, cartoons, science fiction, and feature films. The videos can be played directly in your browser on the website, or downloaded as MP4s for offline viewing.

  1. Go to PublicDomainMovie.net.

    A screenshot of the publicdomainmovies.net home page.

  2. Browse the categories, then touch a movie you want to download.

    A screenshot of some public domain science fiction movies on the Public Domain Movies website.

  3. Click Download Movie [Video Format: MP4] on the left panel of the page.

    A screenshot of the download option on publicdomainmovie.net

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