Is it worth downloading the free edition of Rising Antivirus?

Update: This program is no longer updated for English users, so I highly recommend trying a different free antivirus program like Avast, AVG, or Bitdefender.

Rising Antivirus Free Edition is a good antivirus program. It provides a regular antivirus feature, but also includes email monitoring.

Although the software itself is no longer up to date, its virus definitions are kept up to date through occasional updates.

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Pros and cons

Although Rising Antivirus Free Edition is now considered outdated software, it still provides most of what you’re probably looking for in an antivirus protection program:


  • Update definitions automatically
  • Provides email defense (inbound and outbound)
  • You can run a quick or full virus scan
  • Can selectively scan system memory
  • Integrates with the Windows right-click context menu
  • Able to run a scan when the computer goes into sleep mode
  • Supports heuristic scanning
  • Program settings can be password protected


  • no firewall available
  • Program updates are no longer published
  • Some of the additional tools included in it no longer work

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Here are some additional things worth mentioning:

    • Rising Antivirus Free Edition should work with all versions of Windows (I tried it on Windows 7 without any problems)
    • Monitors and stops backdoor attempts, Trojans, worms, and other malicious elements
    • A scan can be set to only check files that have been updated in the last 1-60 days to avoid scanning every single file


    • The Advanced Scanning setting is where you can choose to automatically remove suspicious files that the scanner finds, as well as skip archive files and installation packages that exceed a certain file size


    • Infected files are automatically moved to an isolated area of ​​your computer until you decide what to do with them


  • The Rising Antivirus Free Edition File Monitor (the scanner that actively monitors for malicious files) and Email Monitor can be set to favor system resources but not scan all files, or to scan deeper but use more resources
  • Updates can be downloaded and installed automatically or can only be done every day, week or month. You can also disable these updates completely (this is not recommended) and update them manually
    • Program settings can be protected with a password of your choice or an authentication code that you must enter before making changes


    • After a scan, you can have Rising Antivirus Free Edition display the scan results, exit the program, restart your computer, or shut down your computer


    • Also included in this antivirus program is a boot sector backup/restore utility


My thoughts on Rising Antivirus Free Edition

One major problem I have with Rising Antivirus Free Edition is that the developer’s website no longer provides product information or technical support. You can still use the program and keep up to date with virus definitions, but the website lacks information on product features or instructions on how to do so.

In the Tools section of this program there are some other things that you could download if the developer’s website was still online, but since it isn’t, these tools are just wasted space in the program.

Rising Antivirus Free Edition is still a good program for detecting malicious files, so you can continue to use it if you remain a satisfied user. However, choosing another free anti-malware tool like Baidu Antivirus, AVG or avast! is probably a better idea.

Download Rising Antivirus Free Edition