Install or uninstall XPS Document Writer on Windows

With the XPS Document Writer, you can convert a file from every file into XML paper specification format (XPS format) . Microsoft has unfortunately removed the XPS Viewer from Windows 10 in the latest versions (from 1803) , however the XPS Document Writer is still available as an option and can be installed or uninstalled as follows .

Installation / deinstallation XPS document writer

The easiest way to use the XPS document writer is to use the tool


install or uninstall. After calling the program, please switch to the following option

Activate or deactivate Windows features

As you can see here, this is shown below.

Activate or deactivate Windows features

In the subsequent ” Windows Features menu you can use the item

Microsoft XPS document generator

install or uninstall the XPS printer.

Microsoft XPS document generator

If you have installed the XPS printer, you will find it in the Windows 10 settings app

Devices / printers & scanners


Microsoft XPS Document Writer

If you now call up the print output in any Windows application program, you have the option of saving the file content as a “.XPS” file .

However, if you want to uninstall the XPS document printer and have not done it as described above via ” appwiz.cpl “, you can use

Remove device

remove the XPS printer from the printer list.

Remove XPS printer using PowerShell

Another way to remove the XPS printer is to do this using PowerShell. To do this, call the following PowerShell command in a PowerShell console that you started as administrator.

Remove Printer Name “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”

After that, the ” Microsoft XPS Document Writer ” is also removed from the printer list.

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