Delete user account in Windows 10

If different people share a PC, it is advisable to create a separate user account for each user. We have already shown you how to create user accounts or deactivate accounts under Windows

In this guide you will find 2 ways to permanently delete Windows user accounts.

Delete user account via  LUSRMGR.MSC

The easiest and quickest way to delete user accounts is to call up user account management using the shortcut


after pressing the key combination


Windows key and “R”. Then the administration of the local users and groups opens and you just have to right-click on the user you want to delete and then the following context menu will be visible.

Delete Windows user

Of course, here’s the point


to get voted. Finally, a security question appears asking whether the user account should really be deleted .

Each user account has a unique ID in addition to the user name.

The exact security question is.

Each user account has a unique ID in addition to the user name. If a user account is deleted, this ID is also deleted and cannot be restored. This also applies if you create a new user account with an identical user name. This prevents users from accessing resources that they currently have permissions for.

Are you sure you want to delete the user “???”?

If you answer this question with ” Yes “, the Windows user account will be irrevocably deleted .

Delete users via Windows 10 Settings app

The second option is to delete the Windows user account via the Windows 10 settings app. To do this, you call the app

and changes to the area

Accounts (your accounts, email address, syncing, work, family)

Then you call up the following point in the left column.

Family and other users

Then you can see the available user accounts on the right side.

Remove Windows account

By clicking on the user name to be deleted, another menu appears in which you can then


can click.

Then the same security question appears as above for the first deletion, but in the customized Windows 10 design.

Delete account and data

Once your here

Delete account and data

confirmed, all information about this Windows user account will be deleted .

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