Improve font display in Windows

Under certain circumstances, the fonts on the screen or monitor may appear blurred . Under Windows 10, this is usually not the case, since the integrated font smoothing (ClearType Antialiasing) is already activated by the installation. With this font smoothing function, the fonts appear sharper on the monitor and thus increase legibility for the user.

If your Windows fonts are displayed out of focus or if you want to switch off this Windows font smoothing, you have to proceed as follows. We summarized exactly how this works in this short tutorial.

First you call after pressing the Windows key combination

Windows logo and the “R” key the program


on. Via “sysdm.cpl” you can change numerous Windows system settings, including the Windows anti-aliasing. You can find this Windows system property in the tab


and then in the “Performance” area in the

Settings …

We have exemplified this below.

Refine edges of screen fonts

In the Windows performance options and the visual Windows effects you will find the desired option for displaying the fonts relatively high up . This option is called

Refine edges of screen fonts.

By default, this option should be activated, just like after a new Windows installation. You can test the impact relatively easily by activating or deactivating the option and then clicking ” Apply “. Then Windows immediately adjusts the display of the fonts and you can then check what effects this font smoothing option has on your screen display.

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