How to easily set up remote play on your PSP and PS3

Newer versions of PS3 and PSP firmware have a very cool feature called “Remote Play”. This allows you to access most of your PS3 content through your PSP, so you can watch your movies, play music, and even play many games using your PSP to connect to your PS3.

PSP Remote Play Setup

  1. Pair your PSP with your PS3. Connect your PSP to your PS3 with a USB cable and select “USB Connection” in the “Settings” menu of your PSP. On your PS3, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Remote Play Settings”, then select “Register Device”. Once you see the “Register Completed” message, your PSP and PS3 are paired and you can unplug the USB cable.
  2. To use Remote Play locally (with your PSP within range of your PS3’s WiFi), navigate to the “Network” menu on your PS3 and select “Remote Play”. Ignore the login prompt on your PS3 (this is to connect via the Internet). To use Remote Play over the Internet, skip to Step Five.
  3. Switch to your PSP and navigate to the “Network” menu and select “Remote Play”. Select “Connect through a private network.” If you’ve already put your PS3 into remote play mode (which happens if you followed the steps above), ignore the reminder that appears and select “OK”. Select “PLAYSTATION(R)3” from the menu.
  4. After a few login screens, your PSP screen will change to a mini version of your PS3’s XMB (or start menu). Your PS3 will display the message “Remote Play in Progress”. You are now browsing your PS3 through your PSP. See Track 1.
  5. To play remote play over the Internet, first sign in to your PlayStation Network account (see Tip 2) on your PS3. Next, navigate to the “Network” menu and select “Remote Play” on your PS3.
  6. Go to the “Network” menu of your PSP and select “Remote Play”. Next, select “Connect via the Internet”. You’ll be prompted to sign in to your PlayStation Network account on your PS3, which you’ve already done if you follow the steps above, so select ‘OK’.
  7. A list of network connections will be displayed on your PSP. Select the one you use to connect your PSP to the Internet. (Do *not* select PLAYSTATION(R)3.) You will then be prompted to sign in to PlayStation Network. Make sure you sign in with the same account you used for the PS3.
  8. Your PSP will load up and then show you a mini version of your PS3’s XMB (boot menu). Your PS3 will display the message “Remote Play n Progress”. You are now accessing your PS3 through your PSP.
  9. When you’re ready to disconnect, press your PSP’s home button and select “Exit Remote Play.” Disconnect the PS3 by pressing the circular button on your controller.

Additional Tips

  • There is some content on your PS3 that you will not be able to access with your PSP. Movies downloaded to your PS3 from the PlayStation Network will not play, and most PS3 games will not play either. You should be able to access your own videos and music, as well as PSOne Classics games (either on a disc in the PS3’s tray or stored on the hard drive).
  • A PlayStation Network account is free. Simply select “PlayStation Network” from your PS3’s “Network” menu and follow the instructions.

What you need

  • PSP with firmware 3.50 or higher
  • PS3 with firmware 1.80 or higher
  • A USB mini-B cable
  • An Internet connection (if connecting via the Internet)
  • A PlayStation Network account (if connecting via the Internet)