Home office: PC or netbook – which is better?

Due to the current situation, many people suddenly have to deal with the best way to design their home office. The new Corona virus is to blame. But otherwise there is a trend in the world of work that goes in the direction of home office.

The home office itself offers numerous options, especially when it comes to reconciling work and family. However, the office should also be equipped accordingly. In addition to a desk and matching office chair, an important part of the home office equipment is the laptop or PC.

But which of the two options is more suitable for the home workplace?

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The notebook is often the better choice

At first glance, the notebook seems to be the better choice. The devices have become increasingly lighter and more manageable in recent years and are therefore easier to take with you.

In terms of costs, a notebook test shows that powerful models can now be obtained from a few hundred euros. The selection from different retailers seems to be almost endless. It is important to make a notebook comparison before buying in order to find a good and inexpensive model.

With a desktop PC, not only the costs for the PC, but also for the screen, mouse and keyboard must be budgeted. In most cases, this will be more expensive than a notebook. Another plus for the notebook is that it is already fully equipped. For example, a webcam for video chats is almost always included.

A comprehensive comparison can be carried out at netbooktest.net to find the right notebook for your own needs.

Windows must be the operating system

In addition to Windows, there is also Apple with its own operating system. However, this is not really suitable for your own home office. A Macbook for private use also appears to be very advantageous and, above all, safe, but this does not apply to professional purposes.

A certain home office software is usually required, which runs smoothly via Microsoft, but can cause major problems for Apple. The incompatibility with Windows in particular is a major challenge for utilities.

Many programs that work well with Windows do not exist at all or only in a stripped-down version for Apple devices. Unless the entire company works with Apple, the device in the home office will unfortunately not be a solution.

Windows also has many other advantages, since everyone should be familiar with the operating system and it is very easy to use. Setting up a notebook is also very easy.

Work efficiently in the home office

Depending on the company, it can be important to be able to bring the notebook to work. It’s not that easy with a PC. The data transfer must then take place on a different level. In terms of mobility, the notebook is at the top.

A desktop PC can only be of great advantage for complicated graphic recordings, where a larger screen is required. In contrast to a notebook, the display there is improved and graphics are therefore of a better quality.

In most cases, the notebook is the winner and is more suitable for the home office. It also simply takes up less space and can simply be closed when you no longer need it.

However, you can only work efficiently if the notebook works well. Only then can you really get to know the home office benefits. Therefore, you should rely on a modern and powerful notebook.

Citrix as an application in the home office

This is an application that only runs on Windows. Another reason why Apple is not suitable. Citrix is used by many companies. With a second authentication, the program offers the easy way to work from home.

The screen is practically mirrored on the home computer. Emails, programs and entire drives can be viewed immediately from home. More and more companies are now also using this program.