Guide to buying technology at the best price

Without a doubt, technological products are the most demanded by offline and online buyers. But buying technology at the best price has its strategy. It is not about searching, selecting and buying. There are a series of steps that must be carried out to buy what one wants at the best price.

And it is that both phones, such as wearables , smart speakers, desktop computers, laptops, any product from the Mac world or peripherals are in high demand today and the platforms, aware of this, apply specific pricing strategies on very specific days. That is the moment when you have to be vigilant to apply the steps that we are going to take next, contrasted by the experts at Chollometro, an important Spanish platform for offers and discounts.


7 keys to buying technology at the best price

Wait for the right time to buy technology at the best price.

The great key when making purchases of technology at the best price is to wait for the right moment to get it. Every day there are offers on hundreds of products, so if we are simply looking for something generic (a laptop, a smartphone, a dishwasher) it is easier to get a good offer soon.

It is advisable to investigate previous offers or promotions of stores, and for this offer platforms such as Chollometro can be a good tool, since you can search for previous promotions and prices at which certain products have been, and thus see at what cost they could return. go out (although this does not guarantee that price, it is quite likely that it will be repeated, and sometimes even better), and set a range of amounts at which we would like to buy it and what we can expect to happen.

If instead we look for a more specific product model, we have to be more patient, since we will not always have the luck that what we are looking for goes on sale so quickly. Although, some online stores usually send personalized offers and discounts when a product remains in the shopping cart in order to encourage the purchase to be completed.

Put our radar on the well-known times of offers or sales.

Beyond the popular Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Single’s Day, online electronics and video game stores carry out other promotional campaigns such as days without VAT or Flash offers. As a general rule, these promotions tend to go unnoticed but it is a good time to buy technology at the best price.

To keep abreast of all these promotions, a great tool is the alerts on this platform, which allow us to set keywords to notify us when an offer of a product we are looking for appears, or of an offer campaign, in this way, It will be difficult for us to miss a good bargain.


Become an expert in the product you want to buy

Those who want to buy technology at the best price usually specialize in what they are looking for. This implies being very attentive to the characteristics of the products, since sometimes a cheaper product loses too much compared to one with a somewhat higher price, and on other occasions a cheaper product can be even better than a more expensive one. .

The best thing is to inform ourselves as much as we can about what we are looking for, using different blogs, forums and comparators, and draw up an outline of what we want and what possible products meet it and their prices, to choose the one that suits us best, and take into account if any feature that can raise the price we really need it.

Look, just in case, the option of reconditioned products

Refurbished products are sometimes out of our minds because they are used products, but in many cases they are products that have simply suffered a knock in the box or have been opened and returned unused.

If we finally opt for a refurbished product, it is convenient to review the information provided by the store on the condition of the product, and depending on the discount offered, we can buy a product like new, at a very attractive price.

The novelties will always be more expensive at the beginning

We must bear in mind that, in the launching of new products or technologies, prices will generally be higher, and that if we want to get a good price we have to wait a while for more offers to emerge, although it depends a lot on the category. . Another option is to take advantage of the release of a new product to go for its previous version, which usually drops in price with the launch of its successor.


Observe the comments and ratings of other users

If even so, we have doubts, once again, the safest guarantee is the experience of other users. Searching for reviews or comments from other buyers about the products are essential to know that the purchase we make is the most suitable. Platforms like Chollometro collect the opinions and experiences of users with the product in question to help other buyers decide or not on a product.

Verify that the site you buy from is trustworthy

Some offers may seem so lucrative that they are even hard to believe. In those cases, it is important to verify that a website is reliable before giving it our payment details. Beyond that the website has a ‘reliable’ appearance, it is important to make sure that the URLs are encrypted and have HTTPS security verification, verify that it has high traffic with tools such as similar web and the date of creation of the domain . When making the payment, it is convenient to avoid sites that only accept transfers or deposits, since they are methods that have no return or traceability.