Graphics are cut off when printed

Again and again there is the problem that graphics or images are cut off during printing and only part of the graphic is visible.

This problem is independent of the graphics file type , the images are cut off with JPG , PNG, GIF or other graphics files .

It doesn’t seem to matter which programs you use to print out, we were able to re-do this in Outlook , Excel or Word .

We have shown you below a generated PDF file of a Word file, in which more than half of the graphic on the right side is also cut off .

Graphic cut off when printed

Since this printing problem of graphic files and clipping affects a lot of users, the Internet forums are full of this problem.

Below we have shown you the original Word file with the integrated image and this is how the printout should actually look.

Word file with graphics

It is unfortunately not so easy to answer why the graphics are cut off . There are no special settings for the graphics.

Change printer driver

The problem appears to be particularly common among users of HP printers and for many users it is sufficient to use a different printer driver for printing that is compatible with the installed HP printer driver.

The use of the ” HP Universal Printer Driver ” also helped many users . However, we could not confirm this in our tests.

Do not integrate the image using drag & drop

The easiest and fastest solution for the cropped graphic printouts is to embed the graphic files in Word. We have found that graphics that are dragged and dropped into a Word document, for example, often have exactly this cut off when printing.

If you removed the embedded graphic from the document and the graphic above




integrated into the document, the cropping of the images no longer occurs, as you can see below.

Image not cut off when printed

You should try both options described and then the images should no longer be cut off when printing . If so, please leave a comment at the end of the post with a detailed description of the problem.

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