Export Windows drivers with PowerShell

We have already reported on Windows drivers and the numerous possibilities. In our last report, ” Export and import drivers for Windows “, we showed you how to export and import Windows drivers.

This time it is the same topic, but today we will show you how you can export Windows drivers via PowerShell .

To do this, you call up a PowerShell console with administrator rights and then issue the following command.

Export WindowsDriver online destination DRIVE: PFA D

Export WindowsDriver

You can use the ” Destination ” parameter to control the directory to which the driver export should take place. In our example it is the directory ” C: Drivers “.

You can not only do this for your current Windows version, you can also specify an offline Windows image as the target. To do this, replace the ” -online ” parameter with ” -Path “. The entire command then looks like this.

Export-WindowsDriver -Path C: FOLDER -Destination DRIVE: PFA D

The export command then creates a separate directory for each driver in this directory , as you can see in the image below.

Exported Windows drivers

There are various ways to import these exported Windows drivers again . The simplest is to simply click the real mouse button on the .INF file in the driver folder and

To install…

to select.

install drivers

Another option is to do this directly via the Windows device manager and the desired driver via

Update drivers

to install, as you can see here below.

It is also sufficient to specify the higher-level driver folder , because Windows searches the subfolders and then offers you the appropriate driver for installation.

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